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  • 2108 toilet paper holder
  • 2108 toilet paper holder

2108 toilet paper holder



-Item : Toilet Paper Holder

-Material : Solid brass

-Finish :  Matte Black

-Installation : Wall Mounted


Toilet Paper Holder

Hardware pack


Chrome Shiny Metallic Look, Beautiful And Different

Incorporates clean and contemporary lines for a modern presence.

Luxury texture, gives you a comfortable touch and an ageless feeling.

Delicate matte black finish, smooth and flawless.

Paper Holder combines crisp square profiles with subtle curves, presenting a minimalistic soft-square outline.

Crafted from quality solid brass, the piece implements a revolutionary Direct Connect fixing system specifically designed to withstand frequent loading of heavy items, promoting longevity and robustness. The unassuming piece, which is plated and hand-polished to perfection, is designed to complement a range of surrounding square and round fixtures, making it adaptable to any bathroom composition.