Heated Towel Rack 6 Bar 2202

Stainless Steel
Brushed Nickel
Article Code
220 AC / 50HZ
Working Temperature
55 Degree Cel(+/- 5 degree Cel)
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Heated Towel Rack 6 Bar  2202
Heated Towel Rack 6 Bar  2202 Heated Towel Rack 6 Bar  2202


●  The towel warmer is easy to clean and made of durable 304 stainless steel with either brushed or mirror polish finishes. All necessary hardware and tools are included in the package, and it is easy to install with its included instructions.

●  The surface temperature of this electric towel drying rack is around 45 to 55 °C (113 to 131 °F) and it needs 15 minutes to reach the maximum temperature

●  The towel warmer is a nice addition for your bathroom, installs on the wall to save space, dries towels quickly, efficiently. The drying tray and the 4 bars is a very practical model because it can hold more towel, as the heat rises, the tray dries the towel that is in contact with it faster.

●  The towel warmer’s curved design is convenient for hanging towel and uses 4 bars to evenly distribute heat,  It’s design maximizes the space of your bathroom space.modern style, suitable for space of your home bathroom,hotel,spa and even for the outdoor area

●  Modern & practical: The upgraded towel warmer can warm your delicates, towels, bathing suits, blankets at a fast speed. And it’s unique design will provides much convenience for your whole family in daily life.

●   Brushed Brass, Polished chrome, Matte Black and Brushed Nickel are avaliable.

Care Instructions


● Regularly cleaning your Heated Towel Rail will keep it gleaming for years.

● Start by dissolving a small amount of mild liquid detergent in warm water.

● Then using a soft cotton cloth, submerge in mixture and wring out, so the cloth is damp.

● Follow by wiping down all Stainless Steel parts of your heated towel rail.

● Go back over with a clean microfibre cloth, following the grain to achieve a sparkling finish.


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