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4 Essential Elements For The Renovation Of The Elderly

Pulished on Apr. 11, 2019

Today we Robe Hook Manufacturer come to summarize 4 essential elements for the renovation of the elderly.

First, the space horizontal and vertical contrast to the best design of the room

Due to the inconvenience of the elderly, the design of the elderly room needs attention in both vertical and horizontal directions, which lowers the center of gravity while ensuring the living space of the elderly.

Robe Hook Manufacturer

1. The reduction of the center of gravity of the furniture

The design of the elderly room needs to pay attention to the horizontal direction. The accidents of many elderly people are all in the fall. Therefore, the furniture in the room should be designed so that no need to cripple or cushion the chair, so that the elderly can raise their hands. You can get what you need.

2. Access to the channel

In order to facilitate the action of the elderly, the design layout of the elderly room is as simple and generous as possible. The furniture is placed on the side and placed along the perimeter to leave enough room for movement. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid small debris under the feet, so as not to overwhelm the elderly.

3. The height of the sun range

At the same time that the center of gravity of the furniture is lowered, the design of the window needs to be as high as possible to facilitate the circulation of air in the room to ensure sufficient sun exposure area. The life of the elderly should be protected from moisture, and enough sunshine is good for the health of the elderly.

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