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What should I Pay Attention to When Choosing Bathroom Hardware Accessories?

Pulished on Apr. 12, 2020

Home decoration is a very huge project. Many people seem to feel that they are surrounded by these and other things all day and night. The things are small and they have to go through it. They are annoyed, but when the final decoration effect has reached the expected effect It ’s worthwhile looking back at everything. Today, the Hardware Towel Rail Double Supplier introduces you to one of the links that may seem to be relatively fine-knowledge about the selection of bathroom hardware accessories.

Although the hardware pendant in the bathroom sounds relatively small, in fact, the use of the bathroom hardware pendant is linked to the humanization of the bathroom design. Buying the appropriate hardware pendant that is suitable for your home use is bound to be Make your bathroom more intimate.

Because the bathroom is in contact with water for a long time, the environment will be relatively humid and water vapor. Therefore, the hardware pendant in the bathroom should have good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. The feel is thick. Using high-quality zinc alloy or titanium alloy as the raw material, although the price may be relatively expensive, but it is indeed a penny. For example, you can choose Golden Toilet Brush Holder, Round Door tTowel Ring and so on.

Since the bathroom is a place for people to clean up the body dirt, the contact between the hardware pendant and the human body will be relatively frequent, so the surface of the hardware pendant must be smooth and smooth to avoid the appearance of scratches caused by rough surfaces. Therefore, large-scale precision computer-controlled die-casting machine tools and digital precision machine tools are used for grinding, throwing and other processing during the production of hardware.

Towel Ring

Towel Ring

The metal pendant is used frequently and at the same time in a humid bathroom environment for a long time, so the surface coating should be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, without blistering or peeling, and durable. When you buy, you should buy hardware pendants in accordance with the national electroplating process standards and undergoing three processes of copper plating, nickel plating, and chrome plating. The surface of this pendant is bright and bright, thick and straight, the internal structure is precise, and the coating is uniform. At the same time, it is far superior in aesthetics.

The accessories of high-quality metal pendants should naturally be equipped with the characteristics of metal pendants, which are moisture-proof and rust-proof, and fastened. Generally, stainless steel screws or copper screws are used. Some families choose glass accessories for aesthetic and personal considerations. In order to ensure the quality of accessories, they should buy original imported glasses and saucers to ensure that the glass accessories are uniform in thickness, high in transparency and clear in vision. In order to adapt to the overall style of the bathroom and avoid the indecent effects caused by differentiation, general bathroom hardware pendants must be purchased in sets, which not only saves the trouble of picking and picking individually, but also makes the bathroom space more holistic. When purchasing, you can choose people by appearance, choose metal pendants with beautiful packaging design, exquisite printing, and clear trademark. At the same time, the quality inspection number and installation instructions should be included inside.

When buying, you must choose a regular and reputable merchant to purchase. After choosing a hardware pendant, you need to understand its after-sales service matters and ensure your own rights and interests. Generally speaking, the after-sales service time of bathroom hardware pendants is 3-5 years. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a good quality warranty.