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What do I Need to Pay Attention to for Bathroom Hardware?

Pulished on Apr. 03, 2020

Bathroom hardware pendants are not a complicated product, but there are many types and various materials. When visiting the building materials market, they are often confused by multiple pendants, and I don't know what to buy. I think the essential thing is to choose from your own needs. First, figure out whether you are hanging towels, hanging clothes, or putting soap, shampoo, etc. From this point, according to the purpose, we first See what types of bathroom accessories are available.

It can be divided into categories by use. For example, towel rails, towel rails, etc. for towels. Towel bars in the market generally have Stainless Steel Towel Rail Single poles, stainless steel towel rail double poles, and other products. The functions of towel loops and towel rails are relatively single, and they are generally used to hang towels. Towel racks can also be called bath towel racks. Towels are hung under ordinary towel racks. The upper layer is used to put clean towels or clean clothes.

There are not many toilet hooks for hanging clothes. There are generally single hooks, double hooks, and row hooks on the market. Washroom Robe Hook Price is inexpensive. They are usually used in the bathroom to hang clothes and can also be used to hang shower balls. Hang some other daily necessities that can be hung up.

For example, Around Toilet Paper Holder used to put roll paper. Toilet paper towel racks are generally used to hold toilet paper. The paper towel racks need to consider whether they are easy to use and whether they can protect the paper towels from getting wet by water. Some new paper towel racks are designed with storage functions, such as Mobile phones and wallets.

Towel Rail

Towel Rail

Or a pendant for toilet brushes. The toilet brush doesn't feel good on the ground, so there is a toilet brush pendant. You can put the toilet brush in it, which is clean and tidy on the one hand, and looks beautiful on the other.

There are also pendants for toothbrush cups. This pendant is not very useful. Generally, there are bathroom cabinets or washbasins on the countertop or the shelf. No matter what, look at this pendant.

Great shelves. Shelves can be used for shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush cups, etc. Ladies can use moisturizers and cosmetics. Men can use razors. In short, you can think of bathroom supplies where you can put them On the shelf. Shelves are distinguished according to the installation position. There are ordinary rectangular shelves, which are installed on one wall, and a tripod, which is installed at the junction of two walls.

Bathroom vanity mirror There is already a mirror on the bathroom cabinet. What do you need to do? This kind of makeup mirror is different from ordinary mirrors. There are two sides of the makeup mirror, one is a regular mirror, and the other is a 3x magnification mirror. You can see the pores on the face. From the perspective of makeup, Very easy to use. The makeup mirror can be retracted, pulled out when used, and withdrew to save space when not in use.

It can also be divided into material and craft. There are many materials used to make bathroom pendants. The most common and cheap ones are plastic pendants, but the hardware pendants discussed here are mainly used. The mainstream hardware decorations on the market are space aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel and brass.