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What Is The Trend Of The Bathroom Industry This Year?

Pulished on May. 09, 2019

As a Robe Hook Manufacturer, we will discuss What is the trend of the bathroom industry this year with you.

What is the trend of the bathroom industry this year? Recently, six home furnishing companies have been listed one after another, and customization has become more and more popular. Many companies in the industry have launched “customized cards”. According to relevant statistics, the entire sanitary industry, enterprises involved in "customized" products have reached more than 95%. This data shows that customization has become a trend in the industry. As a mature industry that has experienced more than 30 years of history in China, the sanitary industry has already formed a wave of unsettled situation, and how will the major brands face a new cusp of “customized” sanitary ware, and how will they find a place?

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Incoming "full security custom"

Some time ago, an authoritative survey showed that 56.1% of users said that they are more willing to accept the direct purchase of finished sanitary products than the current custom bathroom customization, but this does not mean that there are nearly 60% of users. The attitude is tough and unwilling to accept bathroom customization. Among the 56.1% of the respondents, nearly 70% of the users said that they are not unwilling to accept the customization of the bathroom, but can not accept the customization of the bathroom items. The vast majority of users said that they can customize a certain product separately. It is easy to cause the whole space to be inconsistent, and it is not easy to reflect the owner's design style, and it is not convenient to use.

Originally, it was a customized product that was born to meet the individual needs of users, but it became one of the reasons why most people refused. In the end, is the bathroom product itself not suitable for customization?

Main quality and design

Before purchasing sanitary products, consumers mainly pay attention to price and quality. Now they will carefully ask whether the formaldehyde in the bathroom cabinet exceeds the standard and whether the radiation index is qualified. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the environmental performance of sanitary products will be strengthened. In fact, consumers choose healthy and environmentally friendly sanitary products, not only for quality, but also for health.

The layout "O2O" locks the main consumer groups

In recent years, online shopping has developed rapidly, and online sales of bathroom products are no exception. From the analysis of online sales data last year, it can be seen that in the decoration season from March to June, August-December, the online trading index of toiletries is relatively high, especially during the period from August to December. The Eleventh E-Commerce Trading Index reached the highest level in the year.

Why is the overall bathroom so valued O2O? On the one hand, with the strategic layout of O2O, it can lock the main consumer groups, provide online and offline O2O support for dealers, and achieve borderless marketing planning, leading dealers to stay at the forefront of the custom home era. In addition, the big data derived from the O2O model can also help the bathroom to further explore the consumer preferences and demand direction of these people, and turn into the long-term competitiveness of the overall bathroom.

No customization, no life! After the wardrobe and cabinets, today's bathroom is standing in the third air outlet as an indispensable part of the six major spaces. This year, the Guangzhou Custom Home Show also welcomed two sanitary ware companies. Nowadays, “Customer Customization” has become an industry trend, and the next industry growth point has arrived.

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