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How to Choose Bathroom Products?

Pulished on Mar. 31, 2020

With the improvement of people's quality of life, everyone is not only satisfied with the fine decoration of the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, but also the requirements for sanitary ware in the bathroom have increased. Therefore, in the bathroom decoration, not only the shower room is an important choice, but also other bathroom products are also important. We refer to the metal products installed in the bathroom as bathroom hardware accessories, such as golden toilet brush holders, hanging bathroom shelves, the stainless steel towel ring, etc. In addition to metal appliances, there are also some porcelain articles for sanitary products, such as a single piece of porcelain for 600mm Towel rail single china. How to choose bathroom products:


First of all, for porcelain sanitary wares, you should pay attention to whether there are cracks. You can tap the edge of the porcelain with a thin stick to hear whether the sound is crisp. When there is a "husky" sound, it is proved that the porcelain is cracked. Secondly, to observe whether there is deformation, you can place the porcelain on a flat platform, check whether it is stable and even in all directions, and whether the mounting surface and the edge of the porcelain surface are flat. Pay attention to the quality of the glaze, the glaze must be delicate and smooth, and the glaze color is uniform. The quality of porcelain glaze is an important indicator for judging the grade of sanitary ware.

  600mm Towel Rail Single China

     600mm Towel Rail Single China

2. Functions of bathroom products

All bathroom products made of porcelain and metal should take the function of the product as the starting point, not the style, appearance, and price as the main factors in selecting sanitary ware so that the use of sanitary ware can not be ignored. As consumers, we should understand the characteristics of sanitary ware: thorough drainage, large scouring area, low noise, water-saving, good surface, and low water absorption. Putting the product's functional characteristics in the first place is helpful for selecting a suitable and suitable product. For example, the gold Toilet Brush Holder is made of 304SS satin gold. The square design makes it very simple. It is the ideal bathroom accessory in your daily life, both decorative and convenient. It also comes with wall-mounting accessories for easy installation.

  Gold Toilet Brush Holder

    Gold Toilet Brush Holder

 3. Brand influence

There are many brands of sanitary wares. Since different brands represent different styles and grades, it will directly affect the decoration cost and the psychological feeling that it brings. Therefore, it is very important to choose the brand carefully before buying sanitary products. Should choose a suitable brand in the domestic sanitary ware industry. Equipment and design capabilities are decisive factors. Advanced manufacturers usually use imported molds.

The most important thing in bathroom purchase is to see whether it is practical, safety factors, product quality, and other related parameters. As for other factors such as appearance, they are only secondary. High-quality sanitary ware is not only beautiful and novel but also ergonomic, comfortable and convenient to use. I hope the above-mentioned methods for purchasing bathrooms will be helpful to everyone.