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Beautiful Color Matching Skills

Pulished on Jul. 22, 2019

Here is Toilet Paper Holder Wholesaler talking about Beautiful color matching skills.

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1. Dark ceramic tile with light color beauty agent: If the tile is dark, use light color beauty grout, this matching method can better reflect the texture of the tile, making the gap line clearer and more obvious.

China Toilet Paper Holder

2. Light-colored tiles with dark beauty grout: If the tiles are light, use dark beauty grouts, this combination method is widely used, making the tiles look cleaner and elegant, contrasting, layered, special effects Not bad. This collocation method is mainly used in modern minimalism, Nordic and minimalist styles.

3. Tile and beautiful seams with the same color system: tile and beautiful sewing agent with the same color, can not see the beautiful seaming agent, only highlight the brick seam, giving a different feeling, which is widely used in the Nordic style.