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Types And Buying Tips Of Bathroom Accessories

Pulished on Jan. 04, 2020

In the bathroom, although the bathroom pendant appears inconspicuous compared to other sanitary wares in the bathroom space, its role cannot be ignored. It can put towels, clothes, hanging paper towels, and can also put some bath products to make the bathroom neat and orderly. At present, there are many types of pendants on the market, and there are many types of materials for bathroom pendants. However, many people do not know much about bathroom pendants. What are the buying tips? Towel Rail Single Manufacturer will come to give you some suggestions below.

Material types of bathroom accessories:

1. Stainless steel

As the material of choice for older generations, stainless steel bathroom pendants have no corrosion, pitting, rust, or abrasion. Because stainless steel has good abrasion resistance, it can keep structural components permanently engineered completeness, lasting time, such as Stainless Steel Towel Ring.

2. Space aluminum

As a new type of material in recent years, it has attracted many people's intimacy, especially young people. It has won high reputation for its high cost performance, stable material color, no peeling off surface, no rust, and environmental protection. Hardware, bathroom hardware, cabinet hardware, furniture hardware products have been launched, and their colors are suitable for modern, rural, simple and other style decoration.

3. Zinc alloy

Appeared in the door lock hardware as an earlier material, because its material can be made in many colors, a variety of styles, and more choices in style, it has won a wide market. Its biggest weakness is that the material is brittle, and time will grow a bit rusty.

4. Copper

As the earliest brother-grade materials available on the market, the biggest advantages of copper materials are strong stability, high density, and heavy weight. They do not peel and fade after electroplating and polishing. As the raw material market continues to rise, the price is also high.

5. Glass

General glass shelves are made of tempered glass. Not only is the style simple and easy to clean, but also to avoid strong impact on the glass surface.

Towel Ring

Towel Ring

Installation method:

1. Suction cup type

The suction cup toilet rack has the advantages of convenient installation, and does not need to drill holes in the tiles, which effectively maintains the beauty of the wall, but the suction cup toilet rack is not very strong in weighing capacity and is easy to drop. It is said that a good brand The quality will be guaranteed and the service life will be longer.

2, punched

The perforated toilet rack is relatively firm and has a strong load bearing capacity, but there may be some trouble during installation.

3. Floor type

The floor-mounted toilet rack is convenient to use and has good stability.

The purchase skills of bathroom shelves

1. When buying a shelf, first observe whether the shelf base is firm, especially if there is any shaking when pushing or pulling.

2. The second is the choice of shelf materials. Because the bathroom is in a humid environment for a long time, the choice of shelves should be focused on materials that are not easily affected by moisture and rust. It is recommended to use stainless steel and alloy shelves.

3. The practical use and load-bearing capacity selected by the rack. The most fundamental thing is the load-bearing capacity of the rack. Generally speaking, the actual storage of the occupants can be considered; to choose, use appropriate pressure to observe the deformation of the rack.

4, matching, choose a shelf to match with the things in the bathroom, in general, and the sanitary three-piece color palette to ensure consistent bathroom style. It should also be comprehensive, such as don't forget the Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder.

Finally, pay attention to the installation height of the bathroom pendant. Do not install it too high or too low. There is also a difference in the installation height of single-layer racks and double-layer racks, which can be reasonably installed according to the height of the family.