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Cheats To Buy A Bathroom

Pulished on Oct. 25, 2019

The bathroom - as an important place for people's lives, has received more and more attention in the decoration. If you have a comfortable and tasteful bathroom space, it is not a pleasure to relax in the bathroom, which will make the user feel wonderful. The bathroom is the most frequently used place, and it is also very easy to be wet inside. The most basic ones have to withstand the severe tests of high temperature and humidity, so the purchase of bathroom hardware accessories will directly affect our lives. Small object university asks, how much do you know about bathroom hardware knowledge? Let everyone follow the footsteps of our Towel Rail Single Manufacturer to understand things you don't know.

Towel Rail Double Home Depost

Towel Rail Double Home Depost

First, look at the bathroom faucet, shower, floor drain to buy.

If it is a single water supply, you should choose a faucet for the water inlet; if it is a cold or hot water supply, the faucet of one inlet cannot be used; if it is used frequently with oil and soap, it should not be used. It is more convenient to choose a rotary faucet and to choose a lift faucet. If it is necessary to quickly adjust the temperature and flow of water, it is not advisable to use a double-handle faucet, preferably a single-handle. In addition, a Towel Rail Double Home Depost should be installed near the faucet for easy hand rubbing.

1, faucet quality testing

When purchasing a faucet, one must look at the surface. The smoother the surface of the faucet, the brighter it is, the better the quality; the second turn handle, the faucet does not have excessive clearance between the faucet and the switch when turning the handle, and it is easy to open; The sound, the good faucet is the overall casting of copper, the sound is dull when knocked; the four identification marks, the general formal goods have the manufacturer's brand identity.

2, bathroom shower purchase

The shower is a common shower in the bathroom, and it is not only the most efficient but also the most energy efficient. Showers can be divided into multiple product types according to the water discharge method, installation height, and style. When choosing, pay attention to choosing the most suitable one. How to choose the shower: When buying a shower, first check whether the spray effect is good; secondly, see if the surface coating is bright and smooth; then see if the shower valve core is made of ceramic material, smooth and frictionless; finally see if the shower accessories are appropriate Whether the quality meets the requirements.

3, bathroom floor drain purchase

The floor drain is an important interface between the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, its performance directly affects the quality of the indoor air, which is very important for home odor control. Floor drain purchase method: The floor drain on the market mainly consists of stainless steel floor drain, PVC floor drain and all copper floor drain. Among them, the copper floor drain has a large market share due to its excellent performance; the stainless steel floor drain has a beautiful appearance, but the cost is high, and the plating is thin, so it is inevitable rust; while the PVC floor drain is cheap and the odor-reducing effect is good, but the material is too brittle. Easy to age. At present, the most copper chrome floor drain is on the market. It is thickly coated, and it is better to clean even if it has a long time.

Second, bathroom hardware accessories daily maintenance

Bathroom hardware accessories are exposed to hot and humid environment for a long time. At the same time, the most contact with the human body is the weak alkaline sweat discharged by the human body. Therefore, if the quality is good, if it cannot be properly maintained, it will be reduced. The life of the product itself. Let's look at how to carry out the maintenance.

The bathroom should be ventilated and ventilated, and develop the habit of opening the door and opening the window to keep the air in the bathroom unblocked. The dry and wet separation is the maintenance method of the bathroom hardware accessories.

Avoid using corrosive acid and alkali solutions. Do not use corrosive sponges and cleaning agents containing corrosive, dissolved and acidic substances, bleaching agents, vinegar, etc. to clean the pendants. Otherwise, the surface of the pendant will be tarnished or left behind. Traces, which cause great damage to the pendant. Usually wipe with a soft cotton cloth and water.

Do not get paint. The paint has a great corrosive effect on the surface coating of the pendant. Do not let the paint get on the pendant.

The above is about the purchase and maintenance of bathroom toilets, if you have a need for bathroom accessories, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of high quality bathroom racks including Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder, welcome you Purchase.