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How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles?

Pulished on May. 22, 2019

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Floor tiles are one of the main building materials in the decoration, especially the choice of bathroom floor tiles. Because the bathroom moisture is relatively large and very slippery, everyone must pay more attention when choosing the bathroom floor tiles. Then, let's introduce the types of bathroom floor tiles and how to choose bathroom floor tiles.

Bathroom floor tile type

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1. The whole body brick

At present, the anti-slip tiles on the market are basically all-in-one bricks. The bricks are pressed by high-pressure rock debris, the surface is not glazed, the color is consistent with the positive and negative colors, and the surface is rough, so the anti-slip effect is better.

2. Mosaic brick

Mosaic tiles are made up of many small bricks. Because the bricks are relatively small, there is a gap between the blocks and the blocks. The anti-slip effect is good, but it is more troublesome to clean.

3. Polished tiles

Polished brick is a kind of bright brick which is polished by surface. The surface is smooth and smooth, and the anti-slip effect is not very good. Therefore, it is not recommended to lay it in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas with high anti-skid requirements.

How to choose bathroom floor tiles?

1. Color matching

The color of the bathroom floor tiles can be white, yellow, black, etc. For the choice of color, pay attention to the overall style of the bathroom.

2. Pay attention to slip

The anti-slip of the bathroom floor tiles is the key, so you can choose the tiles with patterns or bumps, mainly to increase the floor friction and prevent slipping.

3. Small choice

It is best to choose a small bathroom floor tile, which makes it easier to grasp the slope and make the floor drain smooth, avoiding the trouble and inconvenience of life.