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How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles?

Pulished on Jun. 05, 2019

Here is Towel Rail Single Manufacturer talking about How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles.

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1. Color matching

The color of the bathroom floor tiles can be white, yellow, black, etc. For the choice of color, pay attention to the overall style of the bathroom.

2. Pay attention to slip

The anti-slip of the bathroom floor tiles is the key, so you can choose the tiles with patterns or bumps, mainly to increase the floor friction and prevent slipping.

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3. Small choice

It is best to choose a small bathroom floor tile, which makes it easier to grasp the slope and make the floor drain smooth, avoiding the trouble and inconvenience of life.

4. To have moisture resistance

Since the bathroom environment is special, it is best to choose a floor tile with good moisture resistance. The higher the quality of the floor tiles, the lower the water absorption rate.

5. Wear resistance

The bathroom is relatively easy to hide dirt, so the choice of floor tiles is to consider its wear resistance and dirt resistance, you can use a hard object to scrape the surface of the tile when buying, to judge the floor glazed thin, if too thin or not glazed Not suitable for use in wet environments.