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​How To Choose A Toilet Paper Holder?

Pulished on Jul. 25, 2019

Here is Toilet Paper Holder Wholesaler talking about how to choose toilet paper holder.

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Toilet Paper Holder For Sale

Toilet Paper Holder For Sale

1. From style

The design of the toilet paper holder uses the principle of the shaft, which mainly consists of a frame body and a frame shaft. There is a hollow in the middle of the roll paper, and the roll paper is hung on the frame shaft. When you use it, pull the paper down and it will rotate around the axis. The principle is simple, but it is very convenient to use. Public toilets have a large flow of people. It is recommended to use multi-handed paper holders! Many toilet paper holders are also designed with racks and key hooks to facilitate the placement of the phone and keys when you are in the toilet, so as not to accidentally fall into the toilet.

2. From material

Toilet paper holder is made of many materials, including stainless steel toilet paper holders, alloy toilet paper holders, and plastic toilet paper holders. The plastic toilet paper holder is rich in color, novel in style and light in weight, but the bearing capacity is poor and easy to be deformed and damaged. The alloy toilet paper holder has a beautiful appearance, but it is easy to rust in a damp bathroom environment, and the service life is not long; the stainless steel material has good moisture resistance and is firm and durable.