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How To Install The Clothes Hook?

Pulished on Aug. 22, 2019

Here is a Bathroom Robe Hook Manufacturer talking about how to install the clothes hook.

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Black Robe Hook Single

Black Robe Hook Single

In order to facilitate family life, each family will install a clothes hook. In the entrance door or shower room, or in the cloakroom and bedroom, the clothes hooks are often installed. Even the kitchen space can be installed. Hook, this is convenient for the hostess to hang the apron, which saves space and is very practical. But how to install the clothes hook?

The so-called clothes hook is a hook that is attached to a wall or a cabinet for hanging clothes, so that understanding the installation of the clothes hook will not be troublesome. Whether it is a porch hook or a cloakroom hook, a bedroom hook, etc., you must easily solve the problem of hanging clothes by following the following three steps.

Installation first step: positioning

The mounting position of the hanger must be determined, including the width and height. The clothes hook has a single hook and a clothes hook. When installing the single hook, usually several hooks are installed in a row. Therefore, the width distance between the single hooks should not be too close or too far. The width of the mounting surface is calculated reasonably, and the spacing between the single hooks is separated to ensure the aesthetic after installation. The clothes hook has no width problem, as long as the width of the mounting surface is sufficient, it is generally installed in the middle position, so that the distance between the left and the right sides is equal. For height, it refers to the height of the clothes hook from the ground. It is generally based on the height of the family. It is about 1.5-1.8 meters. If it is too low, the long coat will fall to the ground and it will be unsanitary. Beautiful; if it is too high, it needs to be stomped or stepped on a small bench to hang, so it is very inconvenient to use. Therefore, it is very important to locate the mounting hook.

Installation second step: punching

After determining the installation location, it is best to use a marker to draw the hole and how many holes need to be drawn. Then use an electric drill to punch holes. However, pay attention to the size of the hole, generally refer to the size of the hole on the hook.

Installation Step 3: Fix

After the hole is finished, the expansion bolt can be driven in, or the wooden pillow can be driven, and the corresponding bolt is determined according to the material of the hanger hook. Then align the coat hook with the bolt and finally tighten it with the screw. However, when tightening the screws, pay attention to the flatness of the clothes hook. It must be level with the ground and should not be skewed. Otherwise, it will affect the use effect of the clothes hook and the aesthetics of the installation.

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