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Characteristics And Differences Between Water Plating And Vacuum Plating

Pulished on Jul. 22, 2019

Here is Polished Robe Hook Single Supply Exporter talking about Characteristics and differences between water plating and vacuum plating.

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First, the characteristics

1. Water plating: The electroplating agent is formulated into an aqueous solution, and a DC anode is placed in the plating tank, and the plating can be performed by the power source.

(The inside and outside of the product are coated, the effect of the outer surface of the product and the thickness of the product are better than the inner layer of the product)

2. Vacuum plating: the product is placed in a vacuum container, the inside is vacuumed, and then energized, using the form of electricity, the corresponding metal target is evenly covered on the surface of the product.

(usually, only the surface is needed for plating)

a. Vacuum plating: generally divided into metal and non-metal vacuum plating.

A1. metal vacuum plating: direct plating can be.

A2. non-metal vacuum plating:

1. It is necessary to spray a layer of conductive aluminum film on the surface of the product by spraying, and then vacuum plating;

2. Vacuum-plated plastic after water plating, after plating with copper, or nickel, or chromium.

Second, the difference

1. The thickness of the plating of water plating can be relatively thick, and the thickness of vacuum plating is not as thick as that of water plating;

2. The surface color variability of vacuum plating is larger than that of water plating, and the color is easy to adjust, while water plating is not.

3. If the product needs to be drawn (antique series), generally only water plating can meet the requirements, vacuum plating is too thin to do.

4. Metal material water plating effect is very strong metal, vacuum plating does not reach the metal feeling of water plating.

5. Vacuum plating is very demanding on the environment, water plating is relatively low.

6. The cost of vacuum plating is higher than the cost of water plating.

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