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The Purchase Tips Of Hanging Hook

Pulished on Sep. 12, 2019

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Bathroom Robe Hook

Bathroom Robe Hook

The following are some tips of the purchase tips of hanging hook shared by professional Bathroom Robe Hook Manufacturer.

Optional skills 1, choose according to different space

There are many kinds of materials on the market, and the choice of materials depends on the space. For example, the clothes hook of the kitchen and toilet space, considering the environment is too humid, it is desirable to choose a waterproof and moisture-proof material hook, such hooks can be stainless steel clothes hooks, space aluminum clothes hooks, plastic clothes hooks, ceramic clothes hooks, etc. Garment hooks and iron coat hooks are not recommended for use in kitchen and bathroom spaces. Because the iron clothes hook is easy to rust with water, the towel or clothes hanging on it will be contaminated with rust, which is not easy to clean; and the wooden clothes hook has the characteristics that ordinary wood is easily corroded by water, so it cannot be installed. In the kitchen and bathroom. The hang-up, cloakroom, and the clothes hook in the bedroom space are not humid, so the material of the hook can be selected in multiple ways.

Optional skills 2, pay attention to the style of the clothes hook

Nowadays, many families buy hooks and they pay great attention to its style. Especially the hooks installed on the outside, the style is novel and beautiful, and can play a very good decorative role. For example, the porch hanging clothes hook, next to the entrance door, provides the main person and the guest with the function of hanging bags and jackets. If the hooks are exquisite and beautiful, they can instantly stimulate people's desire to use and linger. Not only for convenience, but also to decorate the space. In contrast, the coat hooks in the cloakroom and the closet are relatively simple in terms of styling selection, and the practicality can be pursued. After all, it is installed in the inside except for the user. It can be seen that the hooks installed on the outside and inside should be treated differently in the selection of the shape, and the size can be mastered. In addition to the style, there are currently a single hook and a clothes hook. In fact, these two hooks are very beautiful, so you can choose according to your personal preferences.

Optional skills 3, pay attention to the color of the clothes hook

There are many colors of the clothes hooks. Don’t pick them up when you choose them. You must decide according to your own decoration style. Black, brown, wood, silver, bronze, gold, etc. are all popular colors. Look at the color of the installation position to choose the appropriate color. For example, the console cabinet is wood color, so it is suitable for installation. Wood-colored or similar wooden hooks are also available in stainless steel silver coat hooks. If the cabinet is black-finished, it is also appropriate to select the black on the hanger hook to play the role of each other. If the home is in a classic European style, the coat hook can be considered a gold-plated gold coat hook, which can show the luxury and richness of the home environment. In short, the color of the clothes hook should be considered comprehensively, and the sense of disobedience must be avoided.

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