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How to Choose Hotel Towel Ring Skillfully?

Pulished on Jun. 21, 2019

With regard to bathroom accessories, the Hotel Towel Ring is not an inconspicuous supporting role in the decoration of the bathroom, but a protagonist who plays a finishing touch and plays a decisive role. Although it is small, the charm is very large. It can make the overall decoration effect of the bathroom, and rise to a new grade. Therefore, when decorating a hotel room, you must spend money on the cutting edge. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but more importantly, the product must have a soul, a thought, and a sense of beauty. Only in this way can the guest feel the style of the hotel room, which will let the guests have a good stay.

3404 Towel Ring

3404 Towel Ring

First, focus on the overall effect of the bathroom.

When we choose the hotel towel ring, we should not simply consider its unilateral level of color, material, color, design, etc., but should focus on the overall decoration effect of the hotel bathroom decoration. Only in this way, our hotel bathroom renovation will gain a good result. When choosing a hotel towel ring, we may have some loss of preference. For example, personally, the material of the towel ring is biased. For example, many guests prefer a Brass Towel Ring. Then, the material will affect the style of the bathroom and the experience of the guest. The brass towel ring will give the guest a feeling of height. So at this time we should fully consider this experience factor.

Second, we should pay attention to the color matching.

After determining the overall decoration of the hotel bathroom, the hotel towel ring is a small object, but it is also an important object. We should take the initiative to match the bathroom space effect and cooperate with each other. For example, the overall style of the bathroom tends to be European, American, and modern. The overall color is warm, romantic, and casual. Then our small items, such as towel rings, can be matched with bold and warm colors to achieve perfection.

Finally, focus on the sense of design.

Design is not only the designer's ideas, but also the concrete embodiment of our bathroom decoration soul. Designers may take the time and effort to design the bathroom effect into a noble, atmospheric and stylish bathroom style, then our towel ring can be adapted to the simple, interesting and applicable style to complement the overall decoration style of the bathroom. .

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