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How To Do Bathroom Decoration Dry And Wet Separation?

Pulished on May. 25, 2019

Here is Toilet Paper Holder Manufacturer talking about How to do bathroom decoration dry and wet separation.

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1. Semi-open

The semi-open type is suitable for a limited bathroom, it will not enclose the whole bathing room, and it will make an effective barrier at the nozzle, which not only blocks a certain amount of water vapor but also has a visual expansion effect, which saves space and has Conducive to supplement the light source.

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2. Solid wall

The solid wall test is more suitable for the bathroom with larger space. It is mainly separated by the wall surface. This design can make the bathroom more space, concealment and sound insulation. For the upper part, glass can be used to ensure permeability. The brick wall at the bottom, the fashion sense, and the retro atmosphere coexist, do not have a charm and beauty.

3. Independent

A separate shower room can be designed separately in the bathroom, while the shower room can be divided into a single-shaped, square-shaped, arc-shaped type. When designing the shower room, be careful that the shower door cannot be opened inward, otherwise, someone will faint inside, Block the direction of opening the door. In addition, the glass must use tempered laminated glass, even if it is broken, it will not blast.