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How To Make A Beautiful Grout?

Pulished on Jun. 13, 2019

Here is Towel Ring Square Manufacturer talking about How to make a beautiful grout. 

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Nowadays, the home decoration and paving the tiles will be made with beautiful seams. Please ask the professional master to spend a lot of money, and do not do it yourself. Mastering how to make beautiful grouts is very necessary for the owners, and they can save a lot of money by themselves. Let's take a look at how to make beautiful grouts, as well as the color matching skills of beautiful grouts.

First, how to make a beautiful grout

Towel Ring Square Manufacturer

1. preparation:

Before making a beautiful sewing agent, first turn the glue gun, brush, shovel, platen, and other tools and masking paper, beautiful sewing agent, etc., and confirm that the beauty sewing agent is half filled or filled.

2. clear seam:

There will be sandstone and other impurities in the paved tiles. It is necessary to clean the impurities in the gap with a utility knife, and then clean the dust and impurities cleaned with a brush. In order to thoroughly clean it, continue to suck carefully against the gap with a vacuum cleaner, and perform secondary cleaning of the gap. After cleaning, wipe the gap and sides with a semi-dry towel.

3. stickers:

Before making a beautiful grout, it is necessary to stick the beautiful stitching paper at a position of about 1 mm at the edge of the gap of the tile to prevent the overflowing beauty agent from contaminating the tile.

4. glue:

Open the beauty glue hose and install it on the glue gun. When playing the beautiful grout, ensure that the glue gun and the gap should be at a 45-degree angle. The speed of the glue gun and the speed of the glue gun should be gentle, the speed should not be too fast, and the force should be evenly balanced to ensure that the beautiful seaming agent is even and balanced.

5. pressure seam:

When using the sizing agent, it is necessary to gently press the sizing agent with a pressure plate in time. After pressing, it is necessary to tear off the textured paper attached to the tile in time to prevent the beautiful seaming agent on the textured paper and the fine seam in the gap from sticking together.

6. shovel glue:

To make a perfect seaming agent, it is to shovel the glue. Use a blade to scrape off the excess smudge. Generally, the glue can be scraped after 24 hours. If it is winter, the time needs to be extended to 48 hours.