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Impact Of Bathroom Accessories On The Hotel

Pulished on Sep. 30, 2019

Nowadays, people who go abroad for travel, business trips, business meetings and other activities that are inconvenient to return need to stay in a hotel. Therefore, choosing a suitable hotel is very important for our mood and experience. The configuration and service of the hotel determine whether we can live comfortably and at ease. 

oval bathroom robe hook single

oval bathroom robe hook single

For a high-end hotel, must have a complete set of guest room equipment, so what kind of guest room has a complete set of facilities? Above all guest room area has standard area, about 34-37 square metre, standard floor plane designs as far as possible neat and concise. The guest room consists of four main areas: the entrance area, the sleep learning area, the wet bathroom area, the dry bathroom area, and the closet/dressing area (the layout and floor plan will vary according to the size and shape of the overall open space.), affect those who enter experience besides rest area, should be a bathroom. The most basic equipment of a bathroom is equipped with flush toilet, dressing table (outfit face basin, dressing mirror), bath crock takes shower nozzle, deserve bath curtain, towel, bathrobe, clothesline to wait, and take effective anti-slip measures. Toilet USES luxurious building material to decorate ground, metope, tonal decorous and downy, use partition illume and target object illume degree is good. Good exhaust air system, with a blower.Supply cold and hot water 24 hours a day. Here, I want to focus on the bathroom configuration. In addition to the above equipment, high-end hotel bathroom hook, towel hook, bathrobe hook material also has certain requirements. At the same time, the quality and softness of the robe will also have a certain impact on people's hotel experience and hotel evaluation. The shape of the hook should be consistent with the shape of the bathtub, giving a comfortable visual experience. Most hotels have oval bathtubs, we can choose the oval hook. Our company for bathroom hook, launched Oval bathroom hook single, in line with the basic requirements of high-end hotels. The oval bathroom hook single can be hung on the wall to hide the installation hardware, which is quick and easy to install, and also simplifies the bathroom decoration, creating a larger bathroom space and environment. It is not only suitable for the bathroom, but also can be used to hang bathrobes, bags, towels, jackets, hats and so on in the kitchen, home and bedroom. In addition to the shape of the robe hook, towel hook will also affect experience, most of the hotel will use a peg to hang clothes, now has a new ring products appear on the market, this is the towel ring, compared with the old hook, the towel ring can let towel complete, makes the moisture to evaporate quickly, reduce the bacterial growth, more safety and health.Our company has a variety of towel ring products, here I can recommend a towel ring square for you. This kind of towel ring is also wall installation, hidden screw design, can save the bathroom and kitchen space, suitable for most bathroom, bathroom, kitchen. We are the Towel rings square manufacturer and Robe hook supplier ,we believe that we will provide you with the best quality products. 

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