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How To Install The Pedestal Basin?

Pulished on Jun. 27, 2019

Here is Gold Coloured Toilet Brush Holder manufacturer talking about How to install the pedestal basin. 

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1. The product should be assembled first. It should be noted that the basin should be level with the wall and close together. The positioning holes of the basin and the column should be marked on the wall surface. Try to keep the basin and column aligned, convenient for installation, and then use. The impact drill is punched at the mark, and the punching should not be too shallow and too deep, otherwise, it is not suitable for the installation of the pedestal basin.

Gold Coloured Toilet Brush Holder

2. After the hole is drilled, the plug is expanded, and then the screw is fixed on the ground and the wall respectively. The screw on the ground is exposed about 25mm, and the screw on the wall is exposed to the wall. The thickness of the product is about 34mm.

3. Next, the basin faucet and the drainage unit are installed and installed. In order to avoid the phenomenon of water seepage during operation, some raw material belts may be wound around the water purifier, and then the pots are placed on the column to make the contact with the column stable.