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Installation Method of Bathroom Towel Rack

Pulished on Mar. 12, 2020

What's in the bathroom? Of course, don't neglect many small items in the bathroom. The bathroom towel rack is a very important toilet article. There are many types of it, Stainless Steel Towel Rail Single, double pole, can be placed, and now there is a rotating bathroom towel rack. So the question is, where do you hang the towel in the bathroom? This is a very detailed little question, which can be easily ignored in the early stages of the design if it is not fully considered. Most household towel racks are added in the late decoration period, but they are not considered in the early decoration period, so it is not convenient to use them later.

If the bathroom is not a shower, but a bathtub, it can be hung near the empty wall above the bathtub, which is more convenient to use.

For towels for washing hands or hair, this can be hung on the side of the wash basin. It is easier to use here. Of course, if you can't hang in the shower room, you can also hang bath towels.

There is a large empty area behind the toilet, and it is also a good choice to put a towel rack on it.

The shower room is a space for showering and bathing. If there are relatively few users in this bathroom, it is more convenient to hang towels directly here; but if there are more people in the bathroom, other people will easily wet your towels in the bath Dirty, it is more difficult to accept.

According to the space layout of the bathroom, if there is a suitable empty area for towel racks, the towel racks can be installed according to space utilization.

Stainless Steel Towel Rail Single

Stainless Steel Towel Rail Single

The Bathroom Towel Rail Bar Manufacturer introduces the detailed methods of installing bathroom towel racks below.

Before installing the towel rack, we need to prepare the relevant materials and tools. The installation of the towel rail requires the use of plastic expansion tubes and copper screws. This installation can reduce the wound surface of the wall tiles and is easy to operate. In addition, the towel rail is not easy to rust, which is convenient for later maintenance. The color of the towel rack should match the color of the faucet and mirror. If the chrome on the faucet is silver-white, the chrome on the towel rack should also be silver-white, or you can choose no chrome, but you must not use it. Gold trim, otherwise it would be very uncoordinated.

How to install a towel rail:

Check the towel rack and its accessories for the lack of towel rack installation instructions, and prepare installation tools such as electric drills and screwdrivers;

The second step is to assemble the towel rail according to the instructions. You can't tighten it first.

Use a marker to mark the hole where the towel rack is installed, drill with an electric drill, and finally put the expansion bolt into the hole;

Fourth, place the towel rail horizontally in the installation position and fix it with screws. It should be noted that the screws do not need to be tightened.

The above is the toilet towel rack installation method introduced by the Toilet Paper Holder Manufacturer.