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Key Points for Purchasing a Towel Rail

Pulished on Mar. 19, 2020

Towel rail is one of the very common accessories in the bathroom. Compared with some of the more common main parts in the bathroom, the price of the towel rail will be much cheaper, so we should buy this kind of small household products. What are the key points to note? Let’s take a look with the Bathroom Towel Rail Bar Manufacturer.

Brass Towel Rail Single

Brass Towel Rail Single

1. Choose the material-copper material of good quality, such as Brass Towel Rail Single

Identify the material of the towel rack, and use a sharp utensil to cut it somewhere. After slicing, the inside is white metal like zinc alloy material; the inside is golden yellow is all copper material; aluminum alloy material is soft and easy to cut; stainless steel material is not easy to cut. When identifying the material of the towel rack, the merchant generally does not allow customers to cut randomly on its surface, so as not to affect the sale of the product. At this time, you can choose to cut on the base of the towel rack or the inner wall of the towel bar, so as to achieve the test effect without affecting the appearance of the product.

2. Look at the surface-the plating treatment is particular

Because the bathroom environment is humid, the surface of the towel rail must be plated. At present, there are mainly three kinds of electroplating methods such as chrome plating, gold plating and wire drawing, among which chrome plating is the most widely used one. Before plating, the blank of the towel rack should be polished, and the surface should be decontaminated to ensure stable adsorption of the plating layer.

When purchasing a towel rack, you can observe its surface coating under light or strong light environment to determine its glossiness. Furthermore, you can use your fingertips to gently touch the surface of the towel rack to feel its smoothness and whether there are foreign matter protruding. The quality of smooth and flat products is better.

3, 掂 weight-not the heavier the better

Regardless of the material used, the towel rail is hollow. Some bad manufacturers, in order to deceive consumers, fill hollow hollow towel rails with pipes and other items to increase the weight of the product. This is harmful and unprofitable. The increased weight is not conducive to the stability of the towel rack, and it is easy to cause the screws to loosen and even cause the towel rack to fall off as a whole. Consumers should not be blinded by the weight of the towel rack when buying, so as to avoid loss due to small. When buying, you can open the sealing of the towel bar and observe its internal condition. The sealing of the general towel bar is tight. Consumers can also estimate the weight of the towel rail by measuring with their hands. If the towel rack feels heavy and the price is relatively cheap, consumers should pay more attention.

4.Pick accessories-choose stainless steel accessories

Due to the large humidity and temperature difference in the bathroom, ordinary screws are susceptible to rust under these conditions. Towel racks should use stainless steel screws to achieve moisture and oxidation resistance. Copper is a common base material for towel racks. According to different materials, it can be divided into 59 copper (the unit content of copper is 59%) and 62 copper (the unit content of copper is 62%). When buying, consumers should not be attentive to the above details. They should observe whether the welding place of the towel rack has been polished, and beware of merchants' distribution of non-stainless steel screw accessories. Brand towel racks pay more attention to the quality of small details, it is recommended to buy brand towel racks.

In addition, the style of the towel rail is also a good point to buy. For example, if you like large capacity, you can choose Towel Rail Double. The bathroom towel rack is a small part of the bathroom. This relatively small part is not like some toilets, washbasins and other products that have such high requirements for manufacturers and brands in our purchase and after-sales process. This small home Generally, we buy the products ourselves and install them ourselves, so we don't pay much attention to the brand when buying. The above is an introduction about the purchase of bathroom towel racks, I hope it can be helpful to you.