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How To Maintain The Towel Ring?

Pulished on Aug. 01, 2019

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Hotel Towel Ring

Hotel Towel Ring

1. Develop the habit of opening the door frequently, which not only keeps the air in the bathroom unblocked, but also helps the family's health and absorbs some fresh air.

2. The surface of the towel ring should always be wiped with a soft cotton cloth and water to ensure a bright luster, absolutely can not use corrosive acid and alkali solution, and try not to wash with detergent.

3. Usually if we want to decorate, do not let the paint on the towel ring, because the paint has a great corrosive effect on the coating of the towel ring surface. There are a lot of detergents with frequent changes in the formula on the market. It is recommended that you do not buy them. They may also cause serious damage to the towel ring. Many bleaches, detergents, and vinegar contain a lot of acidic substances, which have strong corrosive effects. It is recommended not to use them.