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Maintenance Skills of Bathroom Hardware

Pulished on Feb. 15, 2020

With the rapid development of the market economy and the improvement of all aspects of life, people's requirements for sanitary wares have also increased. Toilets are also very important when they are renovating. Bathrooms are often used in homes and are also places with high water consumption. Bathrooms that have not been separated from wet and dry conditions will be in a wet state for a long time, causing many bathroom ware to become dirty and panic, and even breed bacteria. So how can we easily perform bathroom maintenance? The Bathroom Robe Hook Manufacturer will come to tell you next.

1. Make a whitening "beauty" for the toilet

Put an appropriate amount of clean water in the toilet and wash it again, then pour about 5 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid solution, and then use a brush to apply evenly before brushing. Then the dirt is heavy, then we can also pour some detergents and soak them, then brush and rinse them with clean water.

2. Ingenious ways to make glass shine like new

The smooth mirror surface and windows will be watermarked and blurred by prolonged intimate contact with water. You can use a spray-type glass cleaner to spray a large X shape on a whole piece of glass, then fold the wrung cloth and wipe it in one direction. When the glass is dry, use a dry cloth. Wipe it again. It can also be wiped with old newspapers. The ink of the paper can make the glass as bright as ever, and it can also wipe away the stubborn dirt. Also pay attention to the protection and cleaning of bathroom accessories such as Stainless Steel Towel Ring.

3. The tile anti-seepage and mildew prevention measures

Many home bathroom walls are tiled. In order to keep it clean and bright, we can use multifunctional decontamination cream to clean it. When cleaning the zephyr tile, you can first wipe it with a toothbrush dipped in a little decontamination paste, and then use a brush to apply a waterproofing agent to prevent seepage and mildew.

4. Maintenance of various parts of the shower room

The shower room is one of the common bathrooms in the bathroom, and it is also a piece of art at home, so we must focus on maintaining it every day. Because the tempered glass has been in contact with shower gel, shampoo and other supplies for a long time, it will gradually turn yellow, so we need to clean it regularly. Xiaobian here recommends that you clean at least once a week, and use a special glass cleaner or a cleaner with a weaker acidity and alkalinity.

MBathroom Towel Rail Bar

Bathroom Towel Rail Bar 

As people's quality of life improves, everyone's requirements for sanitary wares have also increased. In the bathroom decoration, not only the shower room is an important choice, but other sanitary wares are also an important part. So how do you tell whether they are good or bad when buying?

1. Look at the glaze

The brand of the glaze, the thickness of the glaze layer, and the firing process all directly determine the effect of the glaze of the sanitary ware. The imported glaze is used to make the surface of the sanitary ware with a thick glaze layer smooth and delicate, full of texture, crystal clear and very comfortable. And strong self-cleaning ability, low water permeability. The gutter D and the inner wall of the sanitary ware are also glazed. This is very important to prevent the toilet from hanging dirty. However, this process is very difficult. Domestic brands rarely do it. An important sign to judge the grade of sanitary ware.

2. See accessories to identify

The traditional copper water fittings and floating ball irrigation have been eliminated. At present, the good water fittings use imported PVC materials and vacuum irrigation technology, and the anticorrosion and rust prevention performance and leakage prevention performance are greatly improved.

3. Look at the overall shape

High-quality sanitary wares are not only beautiful and novel, but also ergonomic, comfortable and convenient to use. Equipment and design capabilities are the determining factors. High-level manufacturers generally use imported molds.

The above is the bathroom hardware maintenance skills introduced by the Bathroom Towel Rail Bar Manufacturer. I hope to help you!