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Why do You Choose to Place the Towel Rack Above the Toilet?

Pulished on Mar. 31, 2020

In the decoration of the bathroom, we will find that most people choose to install the towel rack on the toilet, so why do you like to install the towel rack on the toilet? For this question, Towel Ring Chrome Manufacturer, after consulting some information, got the following answers for your reference.

Let's talk about the basic requirements of decoration. Decoration is to make the home more beautiful, comfortable, and pleasant, but the current house prices are so expensive that most of us live in relatively less spacious spaces. According to our current design capabilities of building designers and the direction of public demand, bathrooms are often made smaller, and then there is a decoration method that everyone likes to install towel racks on the toilet. I would like to ask, if the bathroom is as large as the master bedroom, who would install towels on the toilet?

In a limited space, it is more reasonable to place a towel rack above the toilet. To sum up, I don't think everyone likes to install the towel rack on the toilet. Instead, just look at such a large bathroom. Hey, Towel Rail Double is more suitable to be placed on the toilet, because it is not placed here. Take up extra space and not get in the way!

Towel Rail Double

Towel Rail Double

Now when designing the apartment, the designer will make the bathroom into a wet and dry partition, so that the towel will not be placed on the toilet. At this time, the side of the wash basin will become the best place for the towel rack. After washing your hands, your face can be wiped dry to prevent water from falling on the floor.

However, if the ventilation capacity of the bathroom is not good, it is not recommended to use towels in the bathroom, because the bathroom environment is relatively humid, and the towel material absorbs water well. Placed in the bathroom for a long time, it is prone to moisture and breed bacteria, which not only affects people's health, but also reduces the life of towels.

If you do n’t use it often, you just put some soap, towels or bath items temporarily, and it's no problem to install it on the toilet. And the toilet is generally close to the shower area, so the installation can be convenient for taking and putting things in the bath. However, if the bathroom has good ventilation, install a towel rack in a well-ventilated place to ensure that the towel is dry and not easy to breed bacteria. In family life, we need to pay attention to frequent ventilation and bathroom ventilation, which is conducive to the cleanliness and health of the bathroom environment.

The above is the reason why installed the towel rack above the toilet introduced by Brass Robe Hook Double Manufacturer.