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How To Remove Stains On The Towel Rack Easily?

Pulished on Sep. 27, 2019

Teach you how to easily remove stains from the Towel Rail.

Rinse the hardware pendant with water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaner, cloth or paper towel, or any acid-containing detergent, abrasive abrasive or detergent or soap to wipe the surface of the faucet.

Towel Rack

Towel Rack

Due to the long-term residual chrome-plated surface of various washings, shower gels, etc., the surface gloss of the metal pendant will be degraded and directly affect its surface quality. 60 Length Gold Towel Rail Single Manufacturer told us to clean the surface of the hardware pendant with a soft cloth at least weekly, preferably with a neutral detergent.

For stubborn dirt, surface scale film and stains that are difficult to remove, use a mild liquid cleaner, a colorless glass cleaner or a polishing agent that does not contain abrasives. Then clean the hardware pendant with water to remove all cleaning. The agent was wiped dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Please remember that after each cleaning, you must immediately remove all the cleaning agent with water and dry the Towel Rack with a special maintenance cloth (or other 100% cotton cloth). Otherwise, water stains may appear on the surface of the pendant.