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The Purchase Method Of Towel Rack

Pulished on Aug. 08, 2019

Here is Towel Ring Chrome Manufacturer talking about the purchase method of towel rack.

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Towel Rail Single Price

Towel Rail Single Price

Towel racks are used for hanging towels and bath towels. The main place of use is the bathroom. It can also be used for aesthetic decoration, such as placing flower pots, stacking debris, and the like. Some fully functional towel racks also have functions such as heating, drying, disinfecting, and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

First, from the quality point of view, the all-copper towel rack is the best, followed by the aluminum alloy towel rack; again the stainless steel towel rack, and finally the zinc alloy towel rack. Of course, this should also be considered comprehensively based on the hotel's economic ability and grade.

Second, it can be selected according to the moisture resistance. Since the environment in which the towel rack is located is moist, it is particularly important to determine the moisture resistance and corrosion resistance of the towel rack. When we purchase, we should fully consider the material of the towel hanging, and make a choice.

Third, before installation, you can use one hand to pinch one end of the hanging hook of the towel, and the other hand to wipe it from one end to the other. The quality will touch small burrs and even peel off the lacquer. These ills are hard to find by the naked eye. Also pay attention to the plating and coating quality of each shelf base. Both the viewing angle and the incident light are relatively 70° or so, so that it is easier to detect the presence or absence of defects.

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