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What's the Role of the Toilet Brush Holder?

Pulished on Jul. 22, 2019

The utility model is designed to install a Square Toilet Brush Holder on a wall, and its beneficial effects are the below:

Square Toilet Brush Holder

Square Toilet Brush Holder

1. Since the hoop, connecting rod and wall mounting block are also included, the tank body is fixed on the hoop, and only the wall mounting block is installed on the wall during installation, the installation is simple and convenient, and the use is more convenient.

2. Someone uses Gold Plated Toilet Brush Holder, it makes the room looks more beautiful and elegant.

2. Since there is a splitting portion on the outside of the flip cover, an elastic member is arranged between the flip cover and the can body. After the toilet brush is used, the split portion is directly opened by hand, and the toilet brush is placed in the toilet brush and placed in the can, and then loosened. When the hand is opened, the elastic member will automatically bounce back, and the flip cover will be closed. The matching gap between the flip cover and the upper part of the can body can clamp the handle of the toilet brush, which is very convenient to use.

3. The toilet brush placement frame installed on the wall has novel structure, strong practicability and good market value.