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How To Determine The Location Of The Toilet Paper Holder?

Pulished on Jul. 22, 2019

China Toilet Paper Holder and toilets have become a match that cannot be split. Whether it is a bathroom at home or a bathroom in a public place, there must be a toilet paper holder.

Toilet paper holder installation location:

The installation position of the toilet paper holder should be convenient.

China Toilet Paper Holder

China Toilet Paper Holder 

The hotel's bathroom is a small lattice room, both front and rear can be used as a mounting point, the Hotel Gold Toilet Paper Holder can be installed in these locations. Household bathrooms generally have the function of a bathroom, so it is best to choose the wall that is farthest from the shower head when installing.

From the perspective of convenient access, the position on both sides of the body is optimal. The position of the person and the paper holder is about 30 cm, which is the best distance. It is the distance that can be obtained by raising the hand. It is far from convenient, and it is easy to hang clothes. Some places use toilets, some use squatting pans, so the height of the paper holders will be different; it is recommended that the height of the paper roll and the line of sight be flush, and the position of the toilet in the chest is appropriate.