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About The Type And Function Of The Towel Rack

Pulished on Sep. 29, 2019

Hardware Towel Rail Double Supplier today briefly introduce the types and functions of towel racks.

Single-bar towel rack: One towel hanging towel, two towels can be hung normally.

Double-bar towel: It is a two-bar towel rack. The double-bar towel rack adds one to the original single-bar, and the number of hanging towels increases.

Towel rack: It is a bath towel, and it also has a hanging towel function.

Hardware Towel Rail Double Supplier

Hardware Towel Rail Double Supplier

Single cup holder: The shelf for placing a cup is used for brushing teeth, or for putting toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

Double cup holder: Add one more cup to the single cup holder.

Soap and soap nets: put soap dishes (some people use them as ashtrays). Soap nets are netted with soap.

Towel Ring: The ring or semi-circle of the towel.

Paper towel holder: It is the shelf for unwinding and toilet paper.

Toilet brush holder: brush the toilet.

Single-layer dressing table: It is a single-layer glass with two clips and railings to put some daily necessities such as cosmetics.

Double-layer rack: It is a shelf for double-layered things.

Clothes hook: hook for hanging clothes!

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