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Towel Rail Selection And Installation Skills

Pulished on Jan. 07, 2020

With the improvement of people's economic living standards, people began to have high requirements for towel rail, which are very common bathroom accessories. The main function of the towel rack is to hang towels, towels and clothes. Towels are usually installed on the wall of the bathroom. In order to reduce the space occupation, it is also more convenient to use. There are many types of towel rail on the market, which makes our choice difficult. Therefore, the Bathroom Towel Rail Bar Manufacturer will introduce the purchase and installation skills of towel rail in the following. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

Stainless Steel Towel Rail Single

Stainless Steel Towel Rail Single

towel rail are generally divided into aluminum alloy towel rail, Stainless Steel Towel Rail Single, and all copper towel rail; they can be divided into mobile towel rail and ordinary towel rail according to their functions; the size of the towel rack can also be freely matched according to the size of different family bathroom spaces In this way, the contradiction of the size of the towel rack and the bathroom is avoided. Since there is nothing special about the use of towel rails, the classification of towel rails is also very simple.

Towel rack purchase tips are as follows:

1. The purchase of towel rail depends on whether the appearance of the towel rack is smooth and delicate, and whether the mirror effect is obvious;

2.The second step in purchasing a towel rack is to understand the early polishing, polishing, and dust removal process of the towel rack. Generally, the more coating the better.

3.The purchase of a towel rack can also be used to grasp the method to distinguish between good and bad. Hold your hands for a few seconds to relax. The fog of the towel rack disappears quickly. The explanation is copper. If it does not disperse for a long time, it is not a copper towel rack. 

So how to choose the installation height position after choosing the towel rack?

Many people want to arrange a place after buying a towel because it has a larger area after spreading. Many people consider installing a towel rack, which is not only easy to store, but also easy to dry. But how do you install a towel rail? What height and position are better? Let's take a look at the answers to these questions today.

Before installation, we need to hold one end of the towel rail with one hand and wipe the other hand from one side to the other. Poor quality shelves will encounter small burrs and even loose paint fragments. When shopping, these problems are not easily visible to the naked eye. In addition, we must also pay attention to the quality of the plating and plating of the shelf base. The viewing angle and incident light are both about 70 °. This method can easily detect the presence of defects.

towel rail can generally be installed with plastic expansion tubes and copper screws. On the one hand, the opening of the tile is relatively small, and the operation is simple. On the other hand, it is not easy to rust, and maintenance is easier. When installing, we need to drill holes in the wall with an electric drill, put the expansion screws in, and then tighten the screws with a knife change.

The installation position and height of the towel rail are very important, because the installation is too high and easy to reach, things are easy to fall and hit people, and too low to splash on your head. The standard installation height of the bathroom basin is generally 800mm above the ground, which makes it easier for us to wash our face or hair. Therefore, when the human body is standing normally, the sight line height is about 30 cm. According to the combination of these two heights, it should be installed at a height of about 1.7 meters.

The above points are a few tips for the selection and installation of towel rail introduced by Stainless Steel Robe Hook Double Manufacturer. I hope they can help you.