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What Are The Bathroom Hardware Pendants?

Pulished on Jan. 10, 2020

Bathroom hardware pendants are available to all households, with various materials and grades. You can choose what suits you. Below the Bathroom Towel Rail Bar Manufacturer will come to tell you what are the bathroom accessories.

1. Usage classification: towel rack or towel bar

The towel rack is also a towel rack. Towels can be hung on a single rod or multiple rods on the bottom, and towels can be placed on the parallel rods on the top. Generally large bathrooms can be used, and the bathrooms must be distinguished from wet and dry, otherwise the bathrooms that are too small will have a lot of water vapor and cannot place dry clothes and bath towels.

The simplest single towel hanging rod is generally installed next to a bath cabinet or in a small space. There are also double rods or even multiple rods. You can choose to buy according to your own needs. The multi-bar towel rack can be rotated, compared to multiple rods. Fixed, this is more flexible and does not take up space; Stainless Steel Towel Ring is more popular with young people. It can only hang a towel. The only benefit is to save space. It can be placed near the bathroom cabinet.

2. Application classification: Bathroom hook

Bathroom hooks can usually be used to hang bath towels and various daily necessities. Single hook or double hook, choose according to your needs, which saves space and can play the most important role; row hooks, this is more common, unlike ordinary wooden clothes hooks, the main bathroom is made of metal, waterproof and powerful, it takes up more space.

3. Application classification: tissue holder (carton)

Tissue holder bathroom essentials must be purchased according to style or needs. Single tissue holders are generally placed on the left and right of the toilet, depending on the position and space; double tissue holders are generally rare, and the single hanging is common. The double hanging upper platform can store items, such as small books or mobile phones; the single hanging tissue box, which is different from the tissue holder, can be closed, which is most suitable for use in small space bathrooms, otherwise the bath water will spill on the tissue; the double hanging tissue The box can also play the role of waterproof sealing, which can be selected according to the actual situation. 

4. Application classification: Toilet brush pendant

Toilet brushes are essential, but they cannot be placed directly on the ground. They are unsanitary and unsightly, so you need a pendant to assist them. That is, the Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder which is not only beautiful, but also saves space.

Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder

Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder

5. Use classification: put soap

There are a variety of toiletries in the bathroom. Generally, a lot of soap is placed on the countertop, occupying space, and it is easy to splash water, so soap boxes came into being. Soap dishes, all kinds of materials and shapes, are very convenient. The difference between soap blue and soap dish is that it can filter water, don't worry about the soap being soaked in water, you can buy it according to your own needs.

6. Brushing Cup Pendant

Toothbrush cups are needed by everyone in the family. Depending on how others place them, they do not take up space and can be placed on the wall next to the bathroom cabinet.

7. According to material and technology: 304 stainless steel pendant

There is a layer of purification film on the surface of the stainless steel pendant. In order to protect the steel body from corrosion, it is more common in the market as a matte brushed model, a high-end one has a bright model, and the price is high. This is also a relatively common and good quality pendant currently on the market.

8. According to material and process: electroplating pendant

Brass electroplated pendants can be made in various colors, such as titanium, antique colors can be made. There are also stainless steel plating, zinc alloy plating, brass plating is generally the best, and the price is the most expensive.

The above is a detailed introduction of bathroom hardware pendants, I hope to help everyone.