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What should I Pay attention to in Bathroom Decoration Design?

Pulished on Feb. 08, 2020

Many people will individually decorate a Royal History at home, because this way they can take a bath every day, which is comfortable, can relieve physical fatigue, and can help their own health. However, for many people who do not know the decoration, the bathroom decoration design may not be considered thoroughly, so the following Robe Hook Manufacturer will introduce you to the bathroom decoration design considerations? What should be paid attention to in bathroom decoration design?


Where to consider bathroom decoration design?

1. It is the ground. When installing the sanitary ware, do not damage the waterproofing of the ground. If necessary, do a waterproofing before decoration.

2. It is the circuit. This is important. The bathroom is relatively humid. In the decoration design, we must consider the road reconstruction and safety issues. Good choice of lamps and switches with safety protection, connectors and pins should not be exposed.

3, the purchase of sanitary ware, sanitary ware must choose the right one. If there is a bathtub, it is installed in the middle of the bathtub. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. This installation method is used when the temperature is low in winter, and the body will still feel very cold. Even if you wipe soap in the winter, you will not feel cold. In addition, you should pay attention to the configuration of bathroom accessories, such as Stainless Steel Towel Ring and toilet brush holder.

 Stainless Steel Towel Ring

Stainless Steel Towel Ring

What should I pay attention to in bathroom decoration design?

1. Anti-moisture: The door of the bathroom is often in a humid environment, and the door frame will unknowingly rot. Therefore, you can consider removing the damaged part below, do some proper repairs, and then embed stainless steel sheets around the door frame to slow down or prevent the door frame from decaying.


The floor decoration material of the bathroom is very useful for anti-slip floor tiles with raised patterns. This floor tile not only has good waterproof performance, but also won't be too slippery even in the case of water. In terms of bathroom wall decoration, you can use the wall tiles that match the floor tiles, so that the decoration of the bathroom is unified in a large style. When decorating the top of the bathroom, you must pay attention to prevent water vapor, so it is better to use a PVC waterproof plate with better waterproof performance. The gusset plate can be installed on the keel, and can also play a role of covering the pipeline.


2. Anti-clutter: A 10 cm wide shelf can be nailed around the washbasin. Putting a lot of cleaning and sanitation products on the washbasin will look messy and easy to fall. It may be better to nail a 10cm wide shelf around the washbasin. It can hold cosmetic bottles, brushes, and wash cups. It is advisable that the height of the shelf does not hinder the use of faucets, and the material of the shelf can be wooden boards, plastic boards, etc.


After reading the introduction from the Bathroom Robe Hook Manufacturer, everyone should know about the decoration of the bathroom. When decorating the bathroom, you must pay attention to the above points. At the same time, you must pay attention to the formalities of the things you need to buy. Specialty stores purchase branded products to ensure its quality and reduce quality issues during use.