Double Wall Mount Paper Holder With Shelf 8211C

Zinc alloy+201SS
Matte black
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Double Wall Mount Paper Holder With Shelf 8211C


The toilet paper holder provides convenience for holding various items like a cell phone, keys, electronic device, charger, hand towel, hand cleaner, room deodorizer, houseplant or other knickknacks. The shelf helps protect the tissue roll from splashing water if mounted near the sink. Add a touch of neat to your bathroom.


Ease of using: Round holding bar makes turning smooth, easy to add or remove tissue roll, top shelf protects paper roll from water splashing if mounted near the sink

No falling off, an indentation at the middle of the shelf keeps things from sliding off, upward end of the holding bar keeps toilet paper in place

It can handle a good amount of weight without wobbling or slanting if anchored properly. Decorative screw caps for hiding screw head. Add a touch of neat to your bathroom.

Highly functional strong paper towel holder, bonus multipurpose storage shelf! Large enough to securely hold various items, e.g. mobile phone, Bluetooth speaker or others. when you use the toilet or take a bath, keeping them tidy, handy in roomy or small bathrooms.

Suitable for the star hotel and high grade building projects. Whole black color will make your bathroom more elegant.

Supported by 5 years warranty.


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