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  • 3403 Robe Hook Single
  • 3403 Robe Hook Single

3403 Robe Hook Single


3403 Robe Hook Single

Categories: Robe hook, Robe hook single 

Material: 304 stainless steel

Finish: Satin gold

Wall mounted satin gold towel hook with concealed mounting hardware for quick and simple installation and handy use.

Ideal use for robes, bags, towels, jackets, hats in bathroom, toilet, kitchen, home and bedroom.

Complete with wall mounting accessories for easy installation


Today, people traveling abroad, business trips, business meetings, and other inconvenient return activities need to stay in the hotel. Therefore, choosing the right hotel is very important to our mood and experience. The hotel's configuration and services determine whether we can live comfortably. The most basic equipment in the bathroom is equipped with a toilet, a vanity (a set of washbasins, a vanity mirror), a bathtub with a showerhead, shower curtains, towels, bathrobes, clotheslines, etc., and effective anti-slip measures must be taken. High-end hotel bathroom hooks, towel hooks, bathrobe hook materials also have certain requirements. At the same time, the quality and softness of the robe will also have a certain impact on people's hotel experience and hotel evaluation. Our company launched a gold Robe hook single, which meets the basic requirements of high-end hotels. The bathroom hook can be hung on the wall to hide the installation hardware. Installation is quick and easy. It also simplifies the decoration of the bathroom and creates a larger bathroom space and environment. It is not only suitable for bathrooms, but also for hanging bathrobes, bags, towels, jackets, hats, etc. in kitchens, homes, and bedrooms. In addition to the shape of the clothes hook, the Robe hook also affects the experience, and most hotels use pegs to hang clothes. We are a gold Robe hook supplier and we believe we will provide you with the best quality products.

What is the gold robe hook single?

Curved shape, used for the purpose of detecting and hanging utensils.

Classification of bathroom hooks

1.The first is the non-marking hook, which is a hook that does not leave traces on it. It does not damage the wall and has environmental protection characteristics. Second, the suction cup hook, which uses the suction cup to tightly adsorb the hook on the wall. Hooks, that is, hooks with nails, are hooks that fix nails to the wall system; there are also hooks of the adhesive system, which is also a very traditional hook, that is, hooks that are sucked on the wall with adhesive.

2.There are hooks made according to materials, which can be divided into many forms such as wood, plastic, and iron hooks. The material of the wooden hook is wooden. The material of the plastic hook is plastic; the material of the iron hook is metal, such as stainless steel, copper alloy, solid brass and so on.

The above are the types of various hooks, which can be selected according to their actual needs. But the basic principle that needs to be paid attention to is practicality and selectivity, so that it matches the overall home environment, so as to have a good home atmosphere.


Towel hooks are indispensable in people's bathrooms. They can be used to hang clothes and small items. The hooks in the bathroom can be stored more in the future, so they will be well prepared in the future. So what are the characteristics of towel hooks?

The hook is practical and beautiful. The clothes hook can also play a good decorative role in home life. Furthermore, when choosing a hook, you must fully consider the type and weight of the hanging object, as well as choose the material and color of the hook according to your own home style. Also when choosing a hook for smooth and rough walls, when choosing a living room and bathroom, when choosing a rustic style and a modern style, it must adhere to this basic point, that is, practicality and aesthetics. These places can be carefully used Dotted, so you can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere of your own home environment.


The hook is very versatile, it is ideal for robes, towels, bags, jackets, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, home and bedroom hats, and comes with wall attachments for easy installation.

How to install?

The clothes hook can be used as a temporary place for hanging clothes, which is very convenient. For example, clothes hangers are usually installed at the entrance, so that guests can hang clothes when they visit. Although the clothes hook is a small item, it is also used more in the decoration process. The installation method of the clothes hook is very simple. Here's how to install the clothes hook.

1. There are many places in life where clothes hooks need to be installed. Generally, the entrance hall will be installed with clothes hooks for people to temporarily hang clothes. Bathroom hooks are usually installed to hang bathrobes, bathrobes, etc., which is convenient to wear after showering. Hangers are also installed in bedrooms, and some pajamas that are worn daily are also hung on hangers.

Before installing the clothes hook, you must determine where in the home you need to install the clothes hook, and what size and type of clothes hook can be accommodated in different spaces. Then use these factors to select suitable clothes to hook. The place where the clothes hook is installed does not need to be too large, but the space for hanging clothes must be sufficient.

2. After determining the position where the clothes hook is to be installed, consider the height during installation. Generally speaking, the height of 1.6 meters is suitable for the comfort of most people when hanging clothes. When the distance is too high, people should raise their hands when hanging clothes. ground. When installing the clothes hook, the height should also be determined according to the surrounding environment. If the clothes hook is installed on the shoe changing stool, it is best to feel that the person sits down and feels the height. No matter where the height of the coat hook is installed, the height of the user and the comfort of the user should prevail. Therefore, it is better to feel the height.

3. After determining the specific location and height of the installation, place the hanger on the wall. The panel of the clothes hook will have two mounting holes. Use a pencil to draw the line at the corresponding position. Pay attention to the level of the clothes hook. After drawing the holes, use tools to make holes in the wall, and then put the expansion bolts in. At this time, the panel of the clothes hook and the hook must be connected and installed. Align the holes on the back of the hook with the holes on the panel, and then use the screws in the accessories to tighten them.

4. Next, install the assembled clothes hanger panel on the wall. Use screws to connect the panel and the expansion bolts in the wall, and tighten them. If there are decorative buckles, fasten them at the exposed screws. The most important thing in the installation notes of the clothes hook is to ensure the level and firmness of the clothes hook after installation.

Towel hooks are used in many situations in life. After the renovation, clothes hook may be added again. At this time, you need to install it yourself. The installation precautions of the clothes hook include position, height, and effect after installation. The above-mentioned knowledge hopes to help you install the clothes hook.

Characteristics and differences of water-plated and vacuum-plated materials

1. Water electroplating: The electroplating agent is formulated into an aqueous solution, and the DC anode is placed in a plating tank, and electroplating can be performed by a power source.

(The inside and outside of the product are coated, and the outer surface of the product and the thickness of the product are better than the inner layer of the product)

2. Vacuum plating: The product is placed in a vacuum container, the interior is evacuated, and then electrified, in the form of electricity, the corresponding metal target is evenly covered on the surface of the product.

1. The thickness of the water plating layer can be relatively thick, and the thickness of the vacuum plating layer is not as thick as the water plating layer;

2. The surface color variability of vacuum plating is greater than the surface color variability of water plating, and the color is easy to adjust, but the water plating is not easy to change.

3. If drawing products (antique series) are needed, usually only water plating can meet the requirements, while vacuum plating is too thin.

4. The effect of metal plating on metal materials is very strong, and vacuum plating can not reach the feeling of metal plating.

5. Vacuum plating has high environmental requirements and relatively low water plating.

6. The cost of vacuum plating is higher than the cost of water plating.

A few suggestions

1. Design must be reasonable

Bathroom hardware is not meant to be purchased when you see it on the market. The matching of bathroom hardware is actually very special. The colors and materials must echo the bathtub and washbasin in the bathroom.

2. Check the material and surface coating of the hardware

Our common bathroom hardware materials are mainly copper alloy, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and so on. Among them, stainless steel is the most commonly used raw material. Copper products do not rust and are of high quality and affordable. The second step is to look at the surface coating to get bright light, carefully observe if there are potholes, and observe by hand to see if it is smooth enough.

3. Take a look at the hardware style

Our decorative design must start with the whole, and we cannot ignore every detail. When choosing hardware, we must take care to integrate it into our decorative style. For example, if the overall decoration style of your house is modern, it is recommended to use silver for the hardware to better integrate it into our decoration style.

The above points are key points that everyone should pay attention to when choosing bathroom hardware pendants. I believe you have paid attention to the above points, and you can choose satisfactory accessories.

Our Service:

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