What Kinds Of Materials Are Available In The Towel Rail?

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What do you think of when a wet towel has no place to hang? Yes, it is a towel rack. But now the towel rack is not only used as a hanger, it can also be used for beauty, and some can be heated, dried, disinfected and so on. Do you think it’s amazing? Next, Towel Rail Single Manufacturer will take you into this magical towel rack world and learn about the towel rack.

Towel rack is actually a small rack that is dispensable to many people. However, in this era, this humble little hanger also has other functions, which is also very convenient and practical for people. Today's towel racks also use a lot of materials, but there are only the following categories:

1. Stainless steel: As the material of choice for older generations, because there are many types of stainless steel, the development of science and technology can achieve the degree of falsehood. It is difficult to choose the material above 304 and the price is expensive, because stainless steel is hard Therefore, there are not many styles, and the general stainless steel products are all brushed on the surface. In recent years, as the price of raw materials has continued to rise, sales have also declined sharply.

2. Copper: The biggest advantage of copper is that it has high stability, high density, and heavy weight. It does not peel and fade after electroplating and polishing. As the raw material market continues to rise, the price is also high.

3. Aluminum: Brass Towel Rail Single, as a new type of material in recent years, has attracted many people's intimacy, especially young people. It has won high reputation for its high cost performance, stable material color, non-flaking surface, rust, and environmental protection Reputation, products including door lock hardware, bathroom hardware, cabinet hardware, furniture hardware are available in a short time, and its color is suitable for modern, rural, simple and other style decoration. Because "pure aluminum" cannot meet the requirements for its steel strength and the surface is easily oxidized, it is generally used in the rust-proof aluminum group or hard aluminum group, but it is unlikely to be used in the so-called aerospace equipment. The same aluminum alloy material.

Brass Towel Rail Single

4. Iron: Because it is easy to rust, it must be surface treated. It is divided into chrome plating or painting. In comparison, the plating layer on "iron" is not as reliable as the plating layer on "copper". With the painting process, the paint layer is also easy to scratch, peel and peel. However, it can have a variety of colors to make it more beautiful, and the paint layer is well treated and the life is not short. For example, automotive sheet metal paint layer, there are no major problems for more than ten years.

So how to choose the size of the bathroom towel rack?

The towel rack is composed of two supports supporting one or more crossbars, some of which are foldable and are generally installed on the bathroom wall for placing clothes and hanging towels. Divided from materials, generally divided into: copper towel rack, stainless steel towel rack, aluminum alloy towel rack, zinc alloy towel rack. According to the structure can be divided into: single layer and double layer. According to the shape, it can be divided into: towel rack, towel bar, Stainless Steel Towel Ring and so on. Among them, the aluminum alloy towel rack is the most cost-effective, and its surface can be made into a variety of effects to meet the individual needs of modern home improvement, so in recent years, it has become the dominant market.

Because the size of the bathroom is different, friends can choose the corresponding size of the towel rack according to the size of their own bathroom when buying.

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