Essential Hardware Accessories For Bathroom

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The bathroom is too small to store things? Always feel that the bathroom space is never enough? Then you can try these small hardware pendants that are specially stored in the bathroom, expand your bathroom storage space, and solve the problem of small accessories that you have nowhere to place. What are you curious about? Below Robe Hook Manufacturer will take everyone to take a look!

1.Towel bar

The main function of a towel bar or towel rack is to suspend towels. Generally, two supports support metal objects composed of one or two crossbars and can be hung on the wall of the bathroom. There are also many materials, such as copper products, stainless steel and aluminum alloys are common, such as Brass Towel Rail Single. You can find a suitable towel bar according to your preferences and the actual size of the bathroom.

2. Clothes hook

Many users will take showers in the bathroom, so it is necessary to install a hook on the bathroom. In this way, the bath ball and the dirty clothes for washing must be temporarily hung on the hook. The material of the hook is usually made of a tough material with a curved or curved hook shape. It has a small footprint, strong load bearing, and is very practical.

3. Cup holder

Toothbrush and toothpaste can be placed in the cup holder in the bathroom, which is convenient for washing. Pay attention to the degree of fit between the cup and the cup holder when purchasing. Usually you can buy a complete set of cup holders and mouthwash cups.

Essential Hardware Accessories For Bathroom

Toilet Paper Holder With Lid

4. Double-layer rack

Using double-layer racks or multi-layer racks is a common hardware pendant in the bathroom. It can place dry clothes and towels. The storage capacity is very strong, so many families will buy it.

5. Paper towel holder

As a bathroom with integrated bathroom and toilet, it is inevitable to install a toilet paper holder. For the choice of the shelf to date, it is recommended to choose a closed toilet paper box, such as Ss Toilet Paper Holder With Lid, so that water mist can be used to wet the toilet paper.

The above is a little knowledge about hardware pendants, I hope to help you.

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