Bathroom Accessories Inspired By Modern Classicism Make Up The Well-balanced Concept

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Emanating elegance and functionality, the towel ring has something that suits any application. The collection boasts contemporary style, while being constructed with durable and superior quality materials. Sleek & sophisticated, the bathroom accessories is the ideal way to finalize your renovations.

The Matte black towel ring displays profound simplicity with its diversity and timeless style. The smooth, seamless architecture of the range has an attractive ergonomic contour.

Each product within this range features well-proportioned design elements with a key focus on detail. The towel ring provides you with the up most flexibility, so you can create a stunning and ever so slightly different look in your bathroom, ensuite and powder room.

The towel ring is an expression of high comfort and clarity. Bathroom accessories inspired by modern classicism make up the well-balanced concept of this range – creative culture at its best. Minimalistic lines lend themselves to a spectrum towel ring of modern design, blending precise angles with geometric forms to create a clean, versatile look.

With clean lines and square features, the towel ring draws inspiration from modern European design. Its sleek look helps create a clutter-free, easy-to-clean bathroom atmosphere.

Sometimes the most simple things can create all the attention. Introducing Square.

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