Smart bathroom begins with the WIFI function heated towel rack

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The modern life need the smart device. The heated towel rack with wifi function will help you to experince the smart bathroom life.

We will issue the new heated towel rack with WIFI function. This will improve your quality life. You can set and adjust your heated towel rack by one App on your phone. For example, you will leave home for work in the morning, but your towels are still watery. Then you can wet the dry time and temperature on the way to the company. This can save the 20% power in a year.

This App is also operated by your sound. You can direct tell the time and temperature. The heated towel rack will change accordingly. Because it was inserted the sound software in the PCB of heated towel rack. It supports the Alexa and Google Assistant sound.

The new smart WIFI function heated towel rack will be issued on Oct and will update on the company web.

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