New Bathroom Modern Square 304ss - June Range

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We just issued our new 304SS series---June range. The square design with brushed finishing.

Brushed June range combines architectural forms with sensual design lines for a modern, minimalist look. Featuring a simple, round bar held by circular plates against the wall, this towel bar brings the art of simplicity to your bath or powder room, blending in beautifully.

With simple, architectural forms and careful detailing, bathroom brushed finishing offer a sensual appearance as well as additional safety and comfort. Sometimes the simple things can create all the attention. Introducing Square. Our bathroom accessory line where one clean, simple shape can give you so many decorating possibilities.

The contrast between fluid blends and sharp lines exudes sophistication and refinement. Its subtle and sensual curves invite touch, while its precise geometry gives a sense of control and precision.

New bathroom modern

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