What color will you choose for your bathroom

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When you decorate your house, what color will be your favorite?

Simply decoration will be the first. Here recommend you the simply design of bathroom accessories for your bathroom. Our 1400 series, 304SS with polished chrome finish. Please use it in your bathroom. They look very shinny and round design will save the space.

Also it has the Matte Black finish, 1400B series. It is the popular color these two years. Matte Black looks elegant.

Bring a refreshed look to your master bath or powder room with the clean lines and simple styling. This series is constructed with high grad 304SS material. It is designed to create a harmonious combination of pragmatism and elegance. Timeless and with wide-ranging appeal, accessories in the Essentials Bathroom Hardware Set range adds the final touches to your bathroom

This 304SS series will combines efficiency and style to bring you the perfect finishing touches for your bathroom that are sure to fit your needs

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